Wedding Cakes & Desserts

16 Nov Wedding Cakes & Desserts

Sweets not only taste amazing, but they look beautiful. Selecting the perfect dessert for your wedding can be challenging, since you want them to match your overall style choices as well as your guest count and flavor preferences.


Traditional Wedding Cakes

The following cakes are full size wedding cakes that are meant to be eaten up at your reception, though you may want to save the top layer.

With Greenery

White with florals

White with alternating frosting design — and batman

Glitz and Glam

Gold Fondant



Naked with Berries

Rustic with Florals

Naked with Florals

The Cake Top

These small cakes are meant for cutting cake photos but can be saved for you and your spouse. You would want to pair this with other dessert options.

Medium Wedding Cake with Assorted Desserts

This is a great way to keep the traditional wedding cake style but also have some dessert options with varying flavors.





Cupcakes are an easier alternative to having a full cake. They can be customized to fit your wedding colors and theme.

Miniture Pies

These tiny bit size pies are adorable!




The donut trend doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. These donut assortments add a very fun element to your wedding.


Assorted Desserts

The only thing better than dessert, is more dessert. Offering an assortment will ensure everyone is happy.


Themed cake

Pre-packaged Desserts

These sweet treats can double as favors to send home with your guests.






Whether you’re looking for a traditional wedding cake or something with a little more variety, we hope that you gained some new ideas from this delicious photoset.


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