The Veranda at the Whitcomb: History and Relationship

09 Nov The Veranda at the Whitcomb: History and Relationship

The Veranda at the Whitcomb is our wedding venue in St. Joseph, MI. The Veranda is the event space that is within the Whitcomb building. If you choose this venue for your wedding, your space for the event will include the Veranda, the Garden, the Bridal Suite and the Rooftop.



In this photo you can see the west side of the Whitcomb building with the Veranda, chairs set up for a rooftop ceremony, and the garden area.



Here is your view from the rooftop as if you were walking up the aisle. In the distance, you can see Lake Michigan in front and the St. Joseph River directly to your right.



You can see the garden in full use here as a cocktail space, complete with lounge furniture seating.



Above, you can see the front walkway space of the Veranda and then how the seating and table space is used.




This is a shot of a bride getting ready in the Bridal Suite, located on the seventh floor of the Whitcomb.


Now that you’re a bit more acquainted with the event space, I’m sure you’re wondering about the Whitcomb itself. Today, the Whitcomb is a Retirement Community and has been since 1973. As you’re using the elevator or coming in the building for the restroom, I am sure you’ll be seeing the people that have made the Whitcomb their home. The residents here are a great group of senior adults who will be happy to congratulate you on your big day and are a lot of fun to have conversation with in the halls, but you do not have to worry about having any unexpected wedding guests in the Veranda. Weddings have occurred here almost every weekend from May until October, for the past eight years. The Whitcomb staff and residents are used to the festive happenings outside.


There is no indoor space allocated for your wedding guests. If the night gets cold or if it begins to rain, there are thick, vinyl curtains that we will close in the Veranda to keep the wind and the rain out. We also have four outdoor heaters that we use in the space, so you will not have to worry about weather disturbing your perfect night.


The Whitcomb was first the Whitcomb Hotel. The Whitcomb was first a steamship company in 1891, then became a luxury hotel and bathhouse in the early 1900s. The original hotel building was demolished and replaced with the building that stands today in 1927. The Whitcomb Hotel closed its doors for good in November of 1966 and was shortly bought and  renovated into what it is today. The pool has since been filled in, but you can still peak a bit of the tile edging in the garden space under the mulch. The rooftop used to hold a sundeck for guests to lay out on.

This photo shows the fountain that you’ll still see today.

This postcard lists some of the amenities that he Whitcomb Sulphur Springs Hotel offered at the time.

When you walk in the building, the layout of the rooms and the front desk has been renovated to fit today’s needs, but the ceiling architecture is almost identical.

The Veranda looks very similar to what it does today. The intricate ceiling tiles are no longer, neither are the two skylights in the ceiling. The pathway between the building and the lower section has since been covered and the windows have been sealed.

It’s so interesting to know these pieces of history and see the Whitcomb from the past. If you do choose to hold your wedding here, you might be able to appreciate the building a little bit more.

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